Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking My Time

Because some people have been asking about it, here's yet another update.  I'm currently working on part two of the Bloody Roar Retrospective and beyond that I'll alternate between either "SC On" or "Five Dollar Gaming" and Bloody Roar.  Yes, I've said this before in another update, but the catch is this:

Work and classwork.

I am still a college student and, as a result, those are my two top priorities.  Video making is still a hobby; a hobby I attempt to be semi-professional with and enjoy doing, but still a hobby, and as such it falls behind other things in my life.

That's the same reason I don't know if I'll be at A&G Ohio to take video for the convention.  It falls right around the time I would have my midterms and in my current financial state I can't afford to miss work.

Oh, and the next person to ask where the next <insert video here> is will be covered in pig's blood and thrown in a wolf pit.

Don't tempt me.