Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mail Time!: The Return

Not trying to go Phoenix Wright or anything, but this was the letter I got back from Nintendo:

Nothing to see here... right?

It's the same letter that everyone who sent something to Nintendo asking about any of Operation Rainfall's big three titles (and even some people who never mentioned the games) have gotten.   Nothing is unusual about the message itself, as it's the usual ambiguous PR talk that no one likes to say or hear.

Look closer, though.  At the bottom of the letter is some faded discoloration which, upon closer inspection, is the same message from the middle section of the letter upside-down and backwards.  Then I checked the inside of the envelope and found the letterhead had rubbed off on the inside of it:

I think part of it says "odnetniN"

Obviously the ink on the letter wasn't even dry when the letter was sent out.  That leads to several assumptions, not all of which may be true:

1. Nintendo's customer service has a very specific, streamlined way for dealing with this particular message.
2. This arrived a week after my letter was sent, which considering I'm in Ohio and it was mailed to Washington means it would have taken about three days to arrive.  The method is so efficient time-wise that letters go straight from the printer to the envelope,and this needs to be the case because, possibly,
3. They're getting a lot of messages like this.

 What I imagine the consumer service reps look like after
a few thousand letters.