Monday, June 23, 2014

SGDQ 2014 Blog: Day 1 (It Begins)

Before the marathon started the head honcho held a quick meeting in the practice room with most of the runners to go over what not to do.  At one point he said just try to get along and be nice to each other, which prompted someone near me to hurl a half-hearted insult my way.  This somehow led to trading quotes from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, ending with us both saying "Happy Chanukah" at the same time.

Shortly after the marathon officially kicked off the crowd was a little stunned to hear that SGDQ had already raised $12,000.  Even considering it was possible to donate shortly before the marathon, There wasn't nearly that much money donated as recently as the day before and this was only about seven and a half minutes into Mario 3D World.

While not too surprising that there are other US soccer fans in attendance, it's nice to see a couple USA jerseys around.  There were a couple dozen people who stopped at the hotel bar to watch the match between the US and Portugal.  Half the people there wanted to strangle Bradley for giving up the ball that allowed Portugal to tie the game, and for his poor play in general.

I'm surprised at the amount of times someone has stopped and watched me practice Ninjabread Man, though I think it's mostly for the "Someone speedruns this shit?" factor.  To cool down from that I brought my Super Scope and Battle Clash, which also got a few looks.  I found out purely from a dumb idea I had that I can in fact beat the game without the aiming reticule attached to the scope.  Future run donation incentive maybe?

I'm trying to adjust my sleep schedule so that I'll be awake--not just conscious, awake--for MadWorld and my run after that.  I was watching runs in the marathon room to help with that, but considering that I was starting to nod off and there's a rule that anyone who falls asleep in there might have random shit put on them if someone donates for it, I thought it would be best to not stick around that area.  It's 5:30am and I still have a couple days to adjust.