Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SGDQ 2014 Blog: Day 3 (Is That a Super Scope?!)

I was trying to adjust my sleep schedule so that I'd be awake more late at night, but even after staying up until almost 6am I still woke up around 9:30 in the morning.  I wasn't even that tired most of the day, either.  What the hell, body?

Other runners use the practice room to play stuff other than what they run because, let's face it, you'd go stir crazy otherwise.  I brought my Super Scope and Battle Clash because it's a game I've been working on running and it's a nice break from something like Ninjabread Man.  It drew some looks and a few people asking if there was a Super Scope game on the schedule.  Heh, I wish.  After doing a little strategy testing I decided in a "Why the hell not?" moment to try taking the aiming scope off and playing the game while only having a general idea of where my shots would go.  Somehow I managed to complete the game, with only one game over no less!  Maybe I should think about pursing this further...

My favorite run of the day (that I saw at least) was easily Blasto.  The guy running it (Saint Connor) is a pretty cool guy and he certainly put on a show with the game, especially when his character model was tumbling ass over tea kettle through an underwater level that wasn't supposed to be underwater, trying to shoot an alien but only spraying random shots everywhere.  If you watch absolutely nothing else, watch what he did after the run finished.

I think I'm as prepared for the run as I'll ever be.  I've beaten Ninjabread Man at least 40 times since I got to Denver and I've found a consistent way to do the one-handed incentive without the Wiimote slipping entirely out of my right hand.